Manhole Rehabilitation

Uncover infiltration and
structural problems
Manholes form one of the important foundation blocks for any wastewater collection system. Most often the point at which important measurements (for flow velocities, to test for the presence of gas) are taken, they should be accessible and maintained in good condition. An effective wastewater system prevents manholes from deteriorating to the point where infiltration or inflows enter sewers. United Survey, Inc. provides a full array of services to rehabilitate damaged or deteriorated manholes.

USI's cost?saving manhole rehabilitation service uncovers infiltration and structural problems associated with manholes. The service can prevent pavement settlement and reduce waste water flow. Applications include: a spray system, hand brushing, chemical grouting and epoxy sealing ? (epoxy sealing is beneficial for hydrogen sulfide carrying sewers).

For more information on how USI can solve your most difficult sewer challenges, contact the sewer service experts today.

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