Sewer Cleaning

Vacuum and flush in one
Sewer cleaning is performed with high pressure water pump and vacuum capabilities to offer a quick and efficient way to clean sewers. It results in flushing away accumulated sludge, slime and other debris and is suited for cleaning all sewer mains. The process is an effective way to clear out bacteria that can contribute to the formation of hydrogen sulfide and methane gas. It also removes grease and root intrusion.

United Survey's sewer cleaning fleet - incorporating advanced technology in jetting nozzles to make maximum use of waterpower -permits our technicians to vacuum and flush in one operation eliminating the need for old-fashioned bucket machines. We recommend utilizing a sewer cleaning preventative maintenance

program every several years. Preventative maintenance is ideally suited to the industrial market to prevent sewer back-ups or costly plant shut-downs for sewer repair and inspection. Also recommended is that cleaning be performed prior to all TV inspections.

For more information on how USI can solve your most difficult sewer challenges, contact the sewer service experts today.

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